About the Area

Dar Alexander, Riad in Fez Medina, Morocco

The Medina of Fez

Stepping into the ancient walled Medina of Fez it is easy to imagine it as it was in medieval times. Not much seems to have changed. It is vibrant, visceral and goes straight to the heart. Every sense comes to life: The herbs and spices (as well as more challenging smells) that jolt your nose into overdrive; the colours, the designs, the architecture that captivate your eyes; the sun, the shade, hot and cool in turn that make you so aware of touch; the hustle and bustle of the mass of humanity coupled with the calming spirituality of the call to prayer that massage your ears with their pummel and caress; a mass of flavours to waken your taste buds.

There is so much to see, hear and do here. Mosques and other buildings that go back over 1000 years; traditions that stretch back so much longer; Over 9,000 alleyways to explore and round every corner a new surprise; once you get its rhythm, you will appreciate that Fez and its people are so welcoming and inviting. You are unlikely to emerge unchanged by the amazing energy and vitality of this magnificent place.

Fez Medina is the perfect Moroccan holiday destination. Dar Alexander lies in the heart of the Medina: A perfect oasis from which to set forth in exploration and to return to recover and absorb all that you have seen, done, felt and heard.

Photo by Miles James.